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Tax Services for High Net Worth Individuals

How We Work With You

We recognize that you are busy with life and that taxes are rarely a subject you enjoy.  We try to make it easy for you to get the best service as possible.  We strive to build relationships that last beyond April of each year and welcome your questions and requests year round.

We have implemented a secure client portal so that your documents are available to you 24/7.  We will save your draft and filed tax returns in the portal and believe you will find it the best place to save your other documents commonly requested for loans such as W2s and 1099s.

Below is a list of documents that are necessary in our tax preparation.  You may download the documents you need at your convenience.

However, we recognize each individual has a different level of comfort in today's world of technology and will work with your individual preferences to ensure that you know that we value you as our client.

Fee Policy

Our knowledge and time is the service we sell.  Outside of Tax Preparation, we do offer additional services to our individuals and businesses that they find add value to thier personal situation.  The additional services we provide include, but are not limited to:

Quarterly Tax Estimates,

Amended Returns required because of additional information

W4/Tax Withholding Analysis,

Tax Planning,

Best Entity for New Business,

New Business Venture Questions,

Retirement Savings Impact,

Copies of Documents Already Provided,

Quickbooks/Accounting Ledger Review & Setup,

Miscellaneous Projects/Questions/Research

Tax Preparation Checklist and Summary



Business Deduction Worksheets

Direct Sellers Business Professional
Hairstylist Law Enforcement
Realtor General Self Employed
Vehicle & Travel for all

Helpful Worksheets

Home Office Deduction List (Excel download)

Charitable Donation Worksheet (Excel download)

Rental Property Worksheet (Excel download)


Can I take a Home Office Deduction?

Am I a Real Estate Professional?

Can I claim them as a Dependent?

Can I make an IRA Contribution?

Tax Return Due Dates:

FBAR/FinCen 114 due 4/15 (can be extended with your 1040)

Partnership Returns are due 3/15 (extension to 9/15)

C-Corporation Returns are due 4/15 (extension to 10/15)

Extensions to not change the due date of any tax liability.  They only extend the time to file the return (not pay).

AND the audit period for individual tax returns doubled from 3 to 6 years if you omit more than 25% of your income. This is effective for returns filed on July 31st, 2015 and any previously filed returns that are still open.

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